Articles by Undergraduates Will Be Published--Issues Will Most Likely Exceed Guaranteed Number

According to an announcement by the editors of the Harvard Critic there is still opportunity for articles written by undergraduates to be published in the first issue of the Critic which will appear in the early part of November. The last date for articles to be submitted is Sunday, October 15. On the same date an essay contest for Freshmen will be terminated, and the author of the winning essay will probably be made a member of the board of Editors of the Critic.

If the quality of the contributions to the magazine is continued, there will probably be more than the guaranteed four issues. It is planned to publish at least one article each month by persons of national reputation.

At present the board of editors is composed of Daniel J. Boorstin '34, Richard M. Goodwin '34, Harold S. Saxe '34 and Richard B. Schlater '34. There will be no formal competition for the board but at the beginning of each semester those interested in joining are asked to communicate with the editors for publication.

The success of the Critie for this year is assured, financially at least, by an unexpectedly good subscription list. The editors are optimistic for the year.