28,867 Tickets For Yale Game Already Sold Here

Harvard Is Allotted 35,155 Seats, Yale Is Given 22,140

Applications for tickets to the Harvard-Yale game, to be played this year in the Stadium, on Saturday, November 25, amount to date, to 28,867 and were made by 11,010 individual Harvard men, it was announced at the H. A. A. office last night.

The Harvard allotment was 35,155 seats, which leaves a little over 6,000 seats which will be available for further applications. On Monday, whatever tickets still remain, will be put on public sale at the H. A. A. office, at Wright and Ditson's in Boston, and at Leavitt and Peirce's.

Yale has been sent 22,140 tickets as its allotment, and if any of these are returned they will be put on public sale here also.