Wood Elected To Captain Outfit After Game--Jayvees Score Only One Goal In 4-1 Rout by Exeter

Clearly not exhibiting its usual fine calibre of play, the Freshman soccer eleven was defeated by Andover yesterday afternoon, 2-1. After the game, James A.E. Wood, of Riverton, New Jersey, was elected captain.

Meanwhile, up at Exeter, the Jayvees were being defeated, 4-1. The only Harvard score was made in the second period by Thomas W. Clark '34, playing in the center forward position.

Defeated in its last encounter with the Varsity team, the Graduate soccer eleven will attempt a come-back this afternoon at 3 o'clock on the Business School field.

The Freshman summary:

Harvard Freshmen: Briggs, g.: Holcombe, Chace, r.f.b.; Linde, l.f.b.; Bounakee, r.h.b.; Rickard, c.h.b.; Kelly, Burbank, Notman, l.h.b.; Parsons, Fraley, r.o.f.; Morgan, r.i.f.; Darling, c.f.; Fujino, Kelly, l.i.f.; Wood, l.o.f.

Andover: Cross g.; Simpson, l.f.b.; Simmons, r.f.b.; Bagg, l.h.b.; Hazeltine e.h.b.; Shirley, r.h.b.; Badger, Mendall, Dey, l.o.f.; Hollander, l.i.f.; Rosenfeld, Swihart, e.f.; Keeney, r.i.f.; Rand. Porter, r.o.f.

Score--Andover 2. Freshmen 1. Goals--Badger, Swihart, Morgan. Referee P.C. Darey. Time--Four 18 minute periods.