53 Candidates Report to Bond at Cage For Baseball Practice--50 Runners Turn Out For Track

Both Freshman baseball and track got under way yesterday afternoon as over 100 candidates reported at Briggs Cage and Dillon Field House for the first spring practice in these two sports.

Fifty-three candidates for the Freshman baseball team reported to Coach R. H. Bond '19 in the Briggs Cage yesterday afternoon. Coach Bond asserted that it is still too early to make any predictions because many of the players with the best preparatory school records are on probation, and there is no way of knowing how many will be released by April Hours.

At the first meeting of the Freshman spring track candidates at Dillon Field House, about 40 men reported to Coach E. L. Farrell for informal practice.

Coach Farrell stated that for the next two weeks practice will consist solely of cross country running. Regular practice will begin when the weather is warmer. Among those who reported yesterday were most of the outstanding members of the Freshman cross country team and of the Freshman winter track team.