Eliminations Completed Yesterday As Only 20 Men Turn Out For Bouts in Annual University Tournament

Finals in the University wrestling meet are to be held this afternoon at 4 o'clock in the wrestling room of the Indoor Athletic Building. Since only about 20 men turned out yesterday, the eliminations were run off in one day instead of two, as was previously planned.

Unlike the boxing tournament of a week ago, which was entered mostly by first-year men, graduate students have the largest representation in the grappling bouts. Matches will not take place in either the 118-pound, 126-pound, or 155-pound classes, because there was only one entrant in the former and none in both the latter.

E. C. Ihrig 1L, who won the crown in the 135-pound boxing event last week, is entered in both the 135-pound and 145-pound bouts, and will encounter D. G. Wright '34 in his 135-pound bout today. In the 145-pound division, G. N. Baldwin 1L., Hayden Estey '36, and Ihrig, are the contestants, while D. B. Dorman 1M and R. F. Warren 4M will grapple in the 165-pound bout. P. H. Conway 1GB and H. H. Price '35 are slated to meet each other in the next division, while J. M. Bigelow '35, C. H. King '34, and Price are the contending heavyweights.