The Crimson Playgoer

Plotless Musical Comedy at Fine Arts Lacking In All Qualities of Best German Films

One could overlook the lack of plot in "Ein Nacht im Paradies," if it had any of the qualities that in the past have made German musical-comedy films refreshing and amusing. But the photography is blurred, the parts overacted, and there is not a waltz during the whole performance.

Miss Anny Ondra, as Monika Boehnicke, a sales girl, scratches her ribs in the various ecstasies of love until the wealthy Americo-German financier is willing to marry her. Walldorf, who is described as a business man, rushes about with his wife alternately trying to pay for clothes that are being repaired, and giving lavish dinners. Monika's idea of paradise is a drunken brawl with much sitting on mirrors and with her mother and father downstairs, weeping.

The only justification for such a film being imported into the country is that Hollywood sends worse to Germany.