The Student Vagabond

For the Vagabond, April Hours are over. Where a few days ago it was March, and drab, it is now spring. Largely because of parietal restrictions applying to Memorial Hall Tower, love and the flowery path have played little part in the Vagabond's life; he has sulked in the gloom while others soared to free, empyrean heights. Yet now, with the advent of the vernal release, he feels strange stirrings deep within him. He clamps his unruly heart with all the force of the elaborate apparatus of inner standard given him by Professor Babbitt. But the bolts have rusted and weakened in the mists and damp from the Charles. The Vagabond's spirit heaves and writhes; something snaps, and he is free.

There is a musty, tropic shade to the atmosphere as the Vagabond deserts his tower. For the first time in years he realizes his own fine youth and strength. His steely frame carries him down the streets in a series of mad gyrations, leaps, and striving. Gradually the objects he meets merge in a slurred monotone of grey, with occasional bursts of color. He is going faster, faster, faster. Faces loom up; they speak, but he hears them not, for he is imbued with the essence of spring. Swirling down out of his course to a peaceful rigidity, he buries his face in the grass, from which so recently the ice has melted; he giggles quietly to himself as the beauty of life is revealed to his soul. He is happy; he is bursting; he bursts.

It is morning in the tower. The Vagabond is awake. Outside the birds are singing in nasty, shrill voices; horrid, sticky buds disfigure the trees; below, a surpassingly unattractive girl is passing. It is cold, and revoltingly early. The Vagabond ponders a moment, with a puzzled look; suddenly it comes to him: his inner standard has returned.



9 O'Clock


"Puritan Rule in England," Dr. Jordan, Harvard 6.

"Ruskin's Fors Clavigera," Professor Rollins, Emerson F.

10 O'Clock

"Lamartine," Professor Morize, Emerson 211.

"Mark Twain," Professor Matthiessen, Harvard 6.

"Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales," Dr. Whiting, Sever 5.

11 O'Clock

"Germanic Romantic Literature," Professor Burkhard, Germanic Museum Lecture Room.

"English Drama of the 19th Century," Professor Murray, Harvard 5.

"Henry Fielding," Dr. Noyes, Harvard 3.