Will Discuss Fields of Concentration On March 16--House Applications Due on April 15

In order to aid the members of the Freshman class in the selection of fields of concentration. President Lowell will address the first year men on or about Thursday, March 16, in the New Lecture Hall.

This meeting will be called immediately after the appearance of the new catalogue of courses, which will be published sometime between March 12 and March 15. Concentration blanks, which will be issued in about a week, will be due soon after the meeting.

After consulting the catalogue and attending the meeting at the New Lecture Hall, Freshmen will be obliged to consult their advisers to decide on a field of concentration. After this discussion, the first year men must see representatives of whatever fields they have decided to concentrate in. Following this, they may hand in their House application blanks, on which they have signified the fields they have selected. These House blanks will be due on Saturday, April 5.

Delmar Leighton '19, Dean of Freshmen, recently stated that Freshmen should carefully consider with their Freshman advisers the selection of their fields of concentration before handing in House applications.