Varsity Takes Two-Mile Spin in First Outdoor Practice--Early Raggedness Of Season Evident

In a temperature low enough to freeze the water on the bottom of the shell, nine crews braved a wind-swept Charles yesterday in the first outdoor practice of the year. Three Varsity boats, four 150-pound boats, and two House crews appeared on the river for brief spins of about two miles. The House crews succumbed to the elements after some 15 minutes each but the others stayed out for a longer period.

As might be expected on the first day of outdoor rowing, the first Varsity boat, like the others, showed signs of early-season raggedness. Coach Whiteside did not follow the boat as none of the launches are yet on the river, but remained at the boathouse while the crews went out. He expects the crew to shape up rapidly with a few weeks of outdoor work and to be in good shape when the season begins. Due to the protracted cold spell, the crews have been somewhat later in getting out this year than last.

The Varsity boat remains unchanged this year except for number three, where J. G. Pierce '33 fills the place left vacant by J. M. Erickson '32.

The Varsity sealings:

Stroke, J. G. Cassedy '33; 7, A. D. Robertson '33; 6, W. B. Bacon '33; 5, Malcolm Bancroft '33; 4, R. H. Hallowell '33; 3, J. G. Pierce '34; 2, Edward Yeoman '33; bow, W. B. Holcombe '33; cox, B. H. Bissell '33.