Eliot Victor As B League Ends Season; Lowell and Eliot Defeat Adams and Winthrop in C League

Eliot defeated Kirkland, 5-0, in the B league of the inter-House squash tournament, thereby winning the B league title for the year. In an attempt to wrest the title from Eliot, Dunster defeated Lowell, 5-0, and came within two points of succeeding. In the B league matches, Adams defeated Phillips Brooks, 4-1, and Leverett won from Winthrop by default. In the C league, Lowell defeated Adams, 5-0, and Eliot defeated Winthrop, 5-0. Only one match was played in the Dunster-Kirkland match.

B League

Eliot 5, Kirkland 0. The summary:

John Dane 1L (E) won by default; N. T. Winthrop '34 (E) won by default; F. A. Gilbert '34 (E) defeated D. C. Scott '35 (K), 3-1; J. B. Walker '33 (E) defeated S. H. Low '34 (K), 3-0; L. B. Thacher '34 (E) won by default.

Dunster 5, Lowell 0. The summary:

E. H. Taylor '34 (D) defeated E. K. Salls '34 (Low), 3-1; S. M. Lane 2L (D) defeated S. F. Rockwell 2E.S. (Low), 3-0; L. O. Paul 1G.B. (D) defeated William Stix 1L (Low), 3-0; T. M. Hastings 3E.S. (D) defeated R. R. Lucas '34 (Low), 3-2; J. B. Wilkinson '35 (D) defeated W. P. Rockwell '35 (Low), 3-2.

Eliot 5, Winthrop 0. The summary:

A. S. Hartwell '34 (E) won by default; Frederick Fraley '33 (E) won by default; W. D. Bond '34 (E) won by default; H. S. Whiteside '34 (E) defeated W. A. Tucker '35 (W), 3-1; G. C. Strecter '34 (E) won by default.

Adams 4, Phillips Brooks 1. The summary:

John Todd 21, (A) defeated O. W. Jerrell '35 (B), 3-2; Mark Mazel '35 (B) defeated J. R. Gonzalez '35 (A), 3-2; W. J. Bender 4Q (A) defeated Irving Wallace '34 (B), 2-6; Morton McMichael '33 (A) defeated J. D. Cohen '33 (B), 3-0; V. M. Haughton '33 (A) won by default.

C League

Lowell 5, Adams 0. The summary:

J. C. Campbell '35 (Low) defeated V. M. Haughton '33 (A), 3-1; H. H. Foster '35 (Low) defeated C. S. B. Fraley '34 (A), 2-0; E. W. Holmes '35 (Low) defeated D. I. Taradash '34 (A), 3-1; W. G. Chase '34 (Low) defeated A. M. Stone '34 (A), 3-0; Nicholas Kelly, Jr. (Low) defeated Howard Rosenfield '35 (A), 3-0