Letters From Dos Passos, Newton Baker, And Darrow Included--Articles To Be Written by Several Students

The Critic will continue publication with an issue appearing the middle of next week, it was announced by the Board of Editors yesterday, contradicting rumors that the magazine would be suspended until next fall. A new and more readable style of type will be used in this issue.

Dr. G. C. S. Benson, Head Tutor of Lowell House, has written a "Survey of the First Two Years of the House Plan" with suggested revisions so as to include the graduate schools in the system. There will be a letter by John Dos Passos '16 telling what he got as well as what he did not get out of Harvard. Two letters on the value of a college education have been written by Newton D. Baker and Clarence Darrow. The former lauds college education whereas the latter deprecates it.

"The Commercial Tutorial System" by D. L. Krupshaw '34, is an examination of the tutoring bureaus on the Square with reference to the student that patronizes them. "Communism for India" by K. B. Krishna 3G, a native of India, and "The Boston Sub-Debutante--Her Lack of Virility" by F. E. Sweetser '36 will also be featured.

There will be two book reviews in the issue. One by H. S. Saxe '34 is on Walter Lippmann's "Interpretations," and R. M. Goodwin '34 reviews "Adventures in Ideas" by A. N. Whitehead, professor of Philosophy. These reviews are not summaries of the contents, but are examinations of the ideas put forth therein.