Freshmen To Play Brown Team, as Jayvee Combine Faces Milton

With one defeat and one victory chalked up so far, the Varsity tennis team faces the Brown Varsity on Divinity Field this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Jayvee outfit travels to Milton today to play Milton at the same time. The match will probably be one-sided, for the Freshmen beat Milton 9-0 last Wednesday. This afternoon at 3 o'clock the first-year netmen will play the Brown Freshman combine on Jarvis Field.

The Harvard Varsity players will be picked from among S. E. Davenport '34, Richard Inglis, Jr. '33, G. H. Hartford 2nd, '34, W. E. Arensberg '33, J. F. Ray '34, F. W. Jones, Jr. '35, G. D. Key, Jr. '33, F. P. Whitbeck '35, J. K. Mitchell '34, W. E. Ingalls '35, and S. G. Haskins '35.

Brown Varsity netmen will be chase, Harris, Eddy, Gleason, Stockbridge, and Malkowski.

The Jayvee netmen will be M. P. Richmond '34, Sumner Rodman '35, W. E. Ingalls, Jr. '35, Morton McMichael '33, W. S. Emmet '34, E. A. Wye, Jr. '34, M. J. Baughman '35, J. B. Wilkinson '34, and A. H. Bryan '35.

Freshman players will be A. C. Helmholz, R. W. Gilder G. G. Glidden, J. A. Roberts, G. S. Franklin, A. C. Reggie, L. S. Shaw, G. F. Robertson, R. L. Bentley, J. F. Donovan, and J. R. Short. The Brown Freshmen will be Dyer, Sharp, Mittleman, Rabinovitz, Simonds, and Margolies.