Graduate Students Receive $27,600 in Fellowships, Chiefly For Study Abroad

Nine Scholarships Awarded in Engineering School Come To Total of $2,688

The award of 18 fellowships for graduate study to students of Harvard University has been announced at University Hall. The total awards amount to $27,600, or an average of about $1.500. Most of the fellowships are for study abroad, and cover a wide range of subjects, including history, chemistry, mathematics, modern languages, music and fine arts.

Among the principal awards are two Edward R. Bacon Scholarships, each for two years, providing for study of painting in Europe. The awards this year have been made to M. C. Bradley, Jr. '33, of Arlington, and to M. L. Eaton 3G, of Strawberry Point, Iowa. Two fellowships in music have also been awarded, the John Knowles Paine Travelling Fellowships in Music. One has been awarded to D. J. Grout 3G., of Cambridge, and the other to S. D. Tuttle 3G., of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

The Rogers Fellowships, providing for foreign study in any field, have been awarded to K. C. E. Anderson 4G, of Cambridge, and to J. S. Frame 4G, of New York City. The Coolidge Fellowship, established by the late Archibald Cary Coolidge '87, for the study of history, has been awarded to L. U. Hanke '26, of Littleton. Another award in history is the Bayard Cutting Fellowship, awarded to E. P. Dean 3G, of Brockton.

Five fellowships have been awarded by the Harvard-Yenching Institute, established in 1928, for teaching and research in the language, literature, history, and art of China and Japan. Holders of the awards are Derk Bodde, of Rochester, N. Y., B. G. Creel, of Peiping, China, and Kwoh-ting Wang, of Nanking, China, who are not at present enrolled at the University, and E. O. Roschauer 2G, of Tokyo, Japan, and C. S. Sickman 3G of Denvor, Colorado.

Other awards are as follows:

Sheldon Fellowship, W. C. Seyfort 3 Gr. Ed., of Madrid, New York; Arthur D. Corey Fellowship, F. M. Wheelock 5G, of Somerville; John Harvard Fellowship, J. H. Faull, Jr. 4G, of Cambridge; Loverett Saltonstall Scholarship, F. K. Arnold 3G, of Cambridge; Philip H. Sears Scholarship, H. B. Veatch, Jr. 1G, of Evansville, Indiana.

Engineering Scholarships

Award of nine scholarships in the Harvard Engineering School, for the academic year 1933-34, has also been announced. The total amount of the award is $2,688, or an average of nearly $300.

The list of winners includes five men from Massachusetts, and one each from Connecticut, Minnesota, Illinois, and South Dakota. The awards follow:

Storrow Scholarships: T. C. Jarrett of Britton, South Dakota, A. J. Burdoin of Lexington, J. R. Weske of Quincy.

Hennen Jennings Scholarships: M. C. Fetzer of Minneapolis, Minnesota, E. F. Fox of East Alton, Illinois.

Eveleth Scholarships: C. L. Shapiro of Chelsea, T. A. Wheeler of West Somerville.

Hilton Scholarship: H. B. Slade of New Britain, Connecticut.

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