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With only one more full week of practice before entraining for the West Coast, the Harvard crew which will row in the intercollegiate regatta at Long Beach in July has now settled down to routine practice, and is taking rows twice daily under Coach Whiteside. The seatings, now definitely selected are as follows: Stroke, S. S. Drury, Jr. '35; 7, F. J. Swayze '33, 6, A. D. Robertson '33; 5, J. W. Peirce '33; 4, Arthur Beane '36; 3, R. S. Clark '36; 2, Taggart Whipple '34; bow, A. L. Nickerson '33; cox, H. H. Bissell '33.

According to the present plans, the crew will embark for the West on Thursday, June 29 at 6.30 o'clock. At Spring-field the Harvard contingent will be joined by the Yale crew, and the next morning at Buffalo by Cornell. From there the crews will travel together in special cars, including an exclusive club car. All arrangements with the regatta committee are being carried on through the Yale office.

Mostly From Junior Varsity

The oarsmen for the eight which Coach Whiteside has made up, have been chosen from the Junior Varsity boat, with the exception of Beane and Clarke who rowed on the 1936 crew. Peirce has been move up from Number 4 to 5, and Nickerson from Number 3 to 1, where he rowed last year, while Bissell has replaced E. S. Litchfield '34 at the rudder ropes. The other members of the Jayvee remain in the same positions, with Drury still setting the beat.

Although the eight has had only a few days of practice together, it already begins to show signs of being the sprint crew it is intended to be. In a race so short as the 2000-metre it is essential that the crew be able to maintain a racing stroke of 34 or 35 without losing any of the smoothness and proportion which is easier to obtain at a lower beat. For this reason Coach Whiteside will lay special emphasis on paddles at this tempo, and also on racing starts and twenty-stroke sprints which are both essential factors of the short distance. At present the boat runs along in the water without checking, but the run itself is not impressive by any means. The blade-work moreover, is still a little ragged when the stroke is raised, and inboard several breaks are noticeable. With the presence, however, of six veterans in the boat, such kinks will undoubtedly soon be straightened out, and next week should see a much more rythmic and hence powerful outfit.

Beane Awarded Trophy

Arthur Beane '36, of Cambridge, Number 6 on the Freshman crew this year, was voted the first award of the Bruce Finaly Vanderveer Trophy, given anonymously in memory of the late Bruce Finally Vanderveer who was captain of the 1935 Freshman crew.

The trophy is to be awarded annually at Red Top to the outstanding man on the Freshman eight. A committee of three, consisting of Coach Whiteside, Coach Haines, and Captain Bancroft, voted the award. In the future the trophy winner will also vote with the committee.

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