Football Star to Have Direct Charge of Social Organization of Class of 1937 at First-year Center

Among the new appointments announced last spring was that of Edmund Austin Mays, Jr. '32, as graduate secretary of the Freshman Union.

Mays was the fast, exceptionally light, halfback of the crimson 1930 and 1931 elevens. He also played brilliantly at second base on the baseball teams of the same years. At present he is a second-year student in the Business School, and backfield coach of the Freshman football team. He will have direct charge of the organization and social life of the class of 1937.

The names of 24 proctors who will live in the Yard dormitories have also been announced, as follows:

J. B. Ames '32, C. H. Hageman, Jr. '32, Alfred Kidder II, '33, Oscar Sutermeister '32, Vernon Munroe, Jr. '31, R. I. W. Westgate, H. M. Smallwood, R. W. Meadows '32, E. S. Amazeen '31, K. N. Marshall, J. C. Hubbard, Jr. '31, A. N. Webster '31, C. H. Burgess '31, M. A. Francon, Vahan Moushegian '32, A. B. Martin, 2nd, '30, R. H. Phelps '30, E. A. Mays, Jr. '32, J. D. Gordan, Jr., J. H. Pratt '30, L. H. Butterfield, F. W. Hoeing, W. W. Foshay '31, J. H. Gleason '30.