A list of preachers who will conduct services at the Memorial Church for the present academic year, was announced yesterday by Dean Willard Learoyd Sperry, of Divinity School, Chairman of the Board of Preachers. The list includes the six members of the Board of Preachers, and also visiting preachers of various communions from churches and institutions in many parts of the country.

In addition to Dean Sperry, the members of the Board of Preachers for the present year are: Dr. Charles E. Park, of the First Church in Boston; Reverend Professor T. G. Soares, of the Neighborhood Church in Pasadena, California; Right Reverend Henry K. Sherrill, Bishop of Massachusetts; President Henry S. Coffin, of Union Theological Seminary in New York; Reverend Charles R. Brown, Dean Emeritus of the Yale Divinity School; and Reverend A. L. Kinsolving of Trinity Church, Boston.

Under direction of the Board of Preachers, each visiting Preacher conducts daily morning prayers for one or two weeks in each half-year, and each preaches on two or three Sunday mornings. This year marks the second-year in which services will be held in the Memorial Church in the Yard, built by the Alumni in remembrance of the Harvard dead in the World War. The list of preachers follows:


October 1 Dean Willard L. Sperry.

October 8 Dean Philemon F. Sturges, the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston.


October 15 Dean Willard L. Sperry.

October 22 Rt. Rev. Henry K. Sherrill, Boston.

October 29 Rev. A. L. Kinsolving, Trinity Church, Boston.

November 5 Rev. Morgan Noyes, Central Presbyterian Church, Montclair, N. J.

November 12 Dean Robert R. Wicks, the University Chapel, Princeton, N. J.

November 19 Dean Willard L. Sperry.

November 26 Rev. Charles R. Brown, Dean Emeritus, Yale Divinity School.

December 3 Dean Willard L. Sperry.

December 10 Rev. Professor Harry E. Fosdick, the Riverside Church, New York.

December 17 Dr. Charles E. Park, First Church in Boston.