Crimson is Victorious in Most Minor, Freshman Weekend Sports---Squash Team Downs Tiger

Blue Jays, Canaries Defeat Medford, Westwood

In an exciting, close game with the Medford Ramblers, the Harvard Blue Jays, second junior varsity polo team, won their season debut 7-6 at the Commonwealth Armory on Saturday evening.

Although the Medford trio drew first blood, and got another goal in the second period which saw Harvard's opening shot through the posts, their failure to score in the following chukker during which the Blue Jays banged in two goals, gave the Sophomore riders a lead which they maintained to the last chukker. In the sixth period, however, the Ramblers evened up the score.

Peter Jay's goal after the closing bell made before the ball hit the boards to end the play, broke up the tie and ended the game with the score in Harvard's favor for the Class B contest.

In the Class A match the Canaries followed the Crimson team's example by making a last minute rally to vanquish the theretofore unbeaten Westwood team in which 14, Charles D. Palmer, the Harvard coach, played back and scored half the goals. The four goals given the losers, however, accounted for half their final tally, and no scoring was done by the green-shirted trio until the last half.

The summary: Class B Edward H. Gerry '36, No. 1  No. 1, L. Boyle Peter Jay, '36, No. 2  No. 2, L. Phillips Francis Johnson, back  back, W. Dennis