Examinations Today And Tomorrow

The schedule printed below is not official. Students will be held responsible for meeting appointments in accordance with the official schedule posted on bulletin boards of College buildings. Failure to meet examination appointments will not be excused on the basis of deviation between official and unofficial printed schedules. All students are advised to examine official schedules before the examination period begins. A. C. Hanford.


Notice changes which have been made in Chemistry 2a and Philosophy 1a.

MONDAY, JANUARY 20 (II) Anthropology 1  Semitic Mus. 1 Anthropology 14  Sever 2 Astronomy 7  Astron. Lab. Botany 3  Sever 13 Chemistry 2a A--O  Mallinckrodt MB9 P--Z  Mallinckrodt MB23 Chemistry 16  Mallinckrodt MB8 Economics 31a  Sever 6 Engin. Sciences 12  Pierce 202 English 1  Emerson D English 23  Emerson D English 48  Emerson 211 English 51  Fogg Large Rm. Fine Arts 1f  Robinson Hall Geography 4a  Geol. Mus. 51B Geology 2a  Sever 7 German 1a (see footnote*) Mr. Bennett, Sec. 1  Sever 5 German 2 (see footnote*) Dr. Heffner, Sec. 1  Sever 36 Government 19  Harvard 2 History 1 Mr. Bissell, Sec. A, 1, 20, Conf. Group I  Memorial Hall Mr. Coddington, Sec. B, 2, 30, Conf. Group II  Memorial Hall Mr. Cram, Sec. C, Conf. Group III  Memorial Hall Mr. Edson, Sec. D, 4, 39, Conf. Group IV  Memorial Hall Mr. Fowler, Sec. E, 5, 15, Conf. Group V  Memorial Hall Mr. Gleason, Sec. F, 16, 27, Conf. Group VI  New Lect. Hall Mr. Hoeing, Sec. G, 7, 21, Conf. Group VII  New Lect. Hall Mr. Jones, Sec. H, 22, 28, Conf. Group VIII  New Lect. Hall Mr. Lewis, Sec. I, 9, 17, Conf. Group IX  New Lect. Hall Mr. Matterson, Sec. J, 10, 23, Conf. Group X  Geol. Lect. Rm. Mr. Schwarz, Sec. K, 18, 38, Conf. Group XI  Geol. Lect. Rm. Mr. Southgate, Sec. L, 12, 19, Conf. Group XII  Fogg Large Rm. Mr. Whitehill, Sec. M, 13, 25, Conf. Group XIII  Fogg Large Rm. History 3a  Harvard 5 History 24a  Andover C History 33  Sever 8 History 69a  Emerson 211 Italian 2  Harvard 3 Japanese 10a  Boylston 25 Latin 8  Sever 19 Mathematics A I (see footnote*) Dr. Myers, Sec. 1  Sever 18 Mr. Curtiss, Sec. 2  Sever 23 Mr. Adams, Sec. 3  Sever 24 Mathematics 2 I (see footnote*) Professor Beatley  Emerson 211 Music 2  Music Bldg. Physics 25  Pierce 110 Physics 32a  Sever 14 Psychology 22a  Emerson D Slavic 4  Sever 6 Sociology 2  Emerson F 2 P.M. Philosophy 1a Adelman--Ruddock  Emerson D Sabbagh--Zdanowicz  Emerson 211 TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, (XIV) Botany 7  Gray Herb. Chinese 11  Boylston 25 Classical Philology 32  Sever 35 Comp. Literature 8  Sever 35 Comp. Philology 6  Emerson F Economics 3  Emerson D Economics 46  Sever 35 Engin. Sciences 11  Pierce 110 English 35a  Memorial Hall English 78  Harvard 5 Fine Arts 5c  Fogg Small Rm. Fine Arts 5n  Fogg Large Rm. French 10  Harvard 5 Geology 9a  Sever 1 Government 17a  Sever 19 Government 18  Harvard 6 History 39  Sever 35 History of Religions 8  Sever 35 Latin A (see footnote*) Mr. Westgate, Sec. 2  Sever 17 Latin B (see footnote*) Dr. Finley, Sec. 5  Sever 18 Mathematics 39  Sever 35 Music 4a  Music Bldg. Philosophy 3b  Emerson A Physics C  New Lect. Hall Physics 3a  Sever 7 Physics 19  Sever 8 Sociology 8  Emerson F Zoology 17  Emerson F

*Students are warned that they must take the examination in this course with the section with which they are officially enrolled. A student who takes the examination with the wrong section will lose credit for the course.