Crimson Soccer Team Holds English Eleven to 2-2 Tie

Unexpected Strength Shown by Blue Jackets in Practices Game

Showing more opposition than had been expected of them, a Soccer team from the crew of the H. M. S. Dragon held the Crimson booters to a 2-2 deadlock on the Business School Field last Saturday, in the first practice game of the season. The Dragon is an English battle cruiser which has been lying in Boston Harbor for the past few days. Members of the crew organized an unpracticed eleven in order to give the Crimson squad a workout. Many from the crew have been visiting Harvard in the past week.

The summary: HARVARD  H.M.S. DRAGON England, g.  g., Wallington

HARVARD  H.M.S. DRAGONStent, l.f.b.  r.f.b., StubbinsRobinson, Holcomes, r.h.b.  l.f.b., BrooksVincent, l.h.b.  r.h.b., MoffettDorman, c.h.b.  c.h.b., ConstableRickard, Johnson, r.h.b.  l.h.b., OsborneWood, l.o.f.  r.o.f., RitchieStork, l.i.f.  r.i.f., WellirdManheimer, Kelly, c.f.  c.f., HuminClos, r.i.f.  l.i.f. ButlerGrover, Willetts, r.o.f.  l.o.f., Wonfo

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