Awarded to Senior Combination of Character, Scholarship, Ability in Athletics, and Leadership

Award of the Francis H. Burr Scholarship, one of Harvard's foremost undergraduate honors, to Chester Kaufman Litman '35, of Brookline, Mass., a member of the Harvard football and track teams, was announced by the Committee on Scholarships of Harvard College last night, subject to approval by the Harvard Corporation.

The scholarship was established in 1914 in memory of Francis H. Burr, A.B., 1909, by his friends, for award each year to a Senior who "combines as nearly as possible Burr's remarkable qualities of character, leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability." The recipient is selected by the Dean of Harvard College and the Chairman of the Athletic Committee, and receives the gift in his fourth year, together with a copy of the memorial life of Burr.

Litman is a graduate of Brookline High School. He is concentrating in Biochemical Sciences, and is an honor student.

The Burr Scholarship has been awarded to a notable group of Harvard students in recent years, all of whom have made distinguished records in scholarship and athletics. Last year the scholarship was awarded to Richard G. Ames '34, of Wayland, Mass., President of the Student Council and captain of the University wrestling team.

Other recipients of the award in recent years have been Francis J. Mardulier '30, of Medford, Mass., a member of the track team, new instructing in the Engineering School; Vernon Munroe, Jr. '31, of New York City, captain of track and now studying at the Law School, and William Barry Wood, Jr. '32, of Milton, Mass., captain of football and a member of baseball, hockey, and tennis teams