Playfair Leads Pack Home As Mikkola's Men Win 15-50--1938 Loses To Wildcat Freshmen 42-19

Blazing his way to the tape in a spectacular sprint, Robert S. Playfair '36, yesterday led the Crimson harriers to a victory over New Hampshire, with Harvard sending in the first five men for a perfect score of 15 to New Hampshire's 50. The time was 28.29.

New Hampshire took the lead early in the race, Webster and Matthews striding out ahead of Harvard's quintet. As they neared the loop, the two New Hampshire runners still held the lead, with Playfair, Pier, Woodard, Scheu, and Channing close behind, all bunched within a space of ten yards.

Coming off the loop, Webster of New Hampshire had faded, and Matthews led the pack, with Pier and Playfair at his shoulder. Captain Woodard, Scheu, Channing, and Fred Webster followed them, with intervals of fifty yards between the men.

Playfair now stepped out, leaving Matthews behind as they crossed the bridge. As Matthews faded, Harvard's winning quintet took the lead, which they retained to the finish.

The freshman team bowed to New Hampshire's first year men, with the score 19-42. Northop and Irving of New Hampshire fought it out for first place with the Blue runner breaking the tape in 13.50.