Four of Staff of Seven Replaced With New Men--One Added; Wellings and Purves Only Survivors

The United States government this year replaced four of the staff of the Harvard Naval Science Department, and added Captain Thomas B. Gale, U.S.M.C., to the personnel stationed here, bringing the total up to seven.

Commander George N. Barker, U.S.N., will be in charge of the new staff. The other additions to the Naval Science Department are Commander Charles P. McFeaters, Lieutenant Edmund C. Mahoney, Peter M. Moncy, and Captain Thomas B. Gale, U.S.M.C. The two officers remaining from last year's staff are Lieutenant Joseph H. Wellings. No reorganization of the department's work is contemplated, according to statements made yesterday.

Of the four men replaced, three have been assigned to warships, while one has been transferred to a position at the Naval War College in Newport. Commander Raleigh C. Williams has been made executive officer of the U. S. S. Texas; Commander Charles S. Alden is now at the Boston Navy Yard, supervising the construction of a new destroyer, which, when finished, will be under his command; Commander Ralph S. Wentworth is now at the New York Navy Yard, doing a similar job; and Commander Edward W. Hanson is stationed at the Naval War College.