National Broadcasting Company to Sponsor International Debate on Air For American Side

A telegram offering means of compromise on the Harvard-Oxford debate was dispatched last evening by Frederick deW. Bolman '35, Harvard Debating Council President, to the New York headquarters of the National Broadcasting Company, which will relay it to the Oxford Union Society.

A deadlock had been reached on Monday when it was discovered that on the two subjects under consideration for the debate, Harvard and Oxford coincided in choosing the negative side of one and the affirmative side of the other.

The text of the telegram follows: "In case Oxford cannot accept affirmative of censorship resolution, would suggest split team debate on same subject, one Oxford, one Harvard speaker on each side. Suggest Oxford affirmative man send us two affirmative arguments, designating preference for one. Harvard negative man will submit two negative arguments, designating preference for one. This exchange to be made by November 21. Would this suit you and London? Can you communicate this with London and Oxford immediately in case Oxford has not replied to previous cable."

The censorship question to which the telegram refers is: "Resolved, That this House considers a censorship of news desirable." Each University wishes to take the negative side.