Law Review Will Include Articles by Famous Jurists

First of Eight Issues for Year to Be Published Friday

The first issue of the Harvard Law Review, will appear on Friday of this week with articles by several nationally prominent jurists.

Harlan F. Stone, a Justice of the United States Supreme Court, has written an article entitled "Public Influence of the Bar," in which he suggests a closer bond between the legal profession and the law schools with a view to encouraging interest among lawyers in law reform. He states that certain corrupt practices are in existence which the bar has made little effort to stamp out be cause it is paying so much attention to individual cases rather than to the law in general.

Ernest G. Lorenzen, Professor in the Yale Law School, has contributed an article headed "Story's Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws--100 Years After" in which he discusses the great importance of the "commentaries" in the law today.

Henry J. Friendly, another well-known member of the bar, in "Some Comments on the Corporate Reorganization Act" points out the advantages of certain new laws in reorganizing insolvent corporations.

The Law Review is published 8 times a year by members of the Law School, more than 4000 issues at each publication. The next issue will come out early in December