Councilman Norton Plans To Tax Harvard's Stadium

On Boston Property, It Should Add To Municipal Income

That Harvard's tax-free stadium, which stands in Allston, a part of Boston, be placed on the city rolls is the proposal which Councilman Clement A. Norton will introduce in a near future meeting of the metropolitan city council.

As a result of a probe recently made of conditions in New Haven and New York, Norton has discovered that both Yale and Columbia are forced to pay taxes on their athletic stadia. The former is assessed a total of more than $20,000 on a $740,000 valuation of the Bowl, adjoining small buildings, and the land on which they stand.

Adding this fact to the present need for new sources of municipal income, Councilman Norton believes that Harvard should pay taxes, too. People pay to get into the stadium and it is a money-making proposition as far as sports go."