Ski Men Hope for Practice Sunday on Hampshire Hills

Carter Encouraged by Sophomore and Freshman Candidates

Though the snowfall to date is light. H. Adams Carter '36, captain of the skiing team, said yesterday that it will be sufficient for his candidates to get in some practice over the weekend on the open slopes of the Uneanoonue Mountains, at Manchester, New Hampshire.

In addition to the nucleus of Senior and Junior skiers who have answered his call for material. Captain Carter reports that a number of promising Freshmen and Sophomores have turned out-notably Peter T. Brooks '38, David Emerson Charles S. Rogers '37 and R Colin Maclaurin '38.

Although a new bread trail in the Uneanoonue will be used for earth practices, later the team will move up to Pinkham Notch in the White Mountains where Coach Charley Procter of Dartmouth and Olympic repute, has laid out a trail down Tuckerman Ravine.