Responsibility of All Nations To Save German People From Vicious Government, Says Marley

Claims Stories of Cruelty are True, Must Help Refugees by Immediate Action

"The Allies are partly responsible for the 'reign of terrer' in Nazi Germany," said Lord Dudley Marley, Vice-Chairman of the British House of Lords, and Chairman of the World Committee to Aid the Victims of the Nazi Regime. "We must not be fooled by Nazi censorship into thinking that the terror is over, for the torture is more brutal and there are more deaths from cruel treatment today than there were a year ago.

"There are 75,000 refugees who have been fortunate enough to emigrate from the country. However, there are ten times as many within Germany who have not the money to escape. These are being hunted down and tortured horribly by Nazi storm troopers. Homes are being broken up, women raped, and thousands have died from brutal treatment."

The British peer described some of the more common methods of extracting "information." "These examples have all been verified by members of the committee working within Germany. To prepare a victim for 'questioning' the men are first beaten severely. They are either lashed for a period of about three hours with long telescopic steel whips which leaves their flesh in ribbons, or they are beaten with heavy rubber truncheons which do not break the skin but inflict terrible internal injuries from which the men rarely recover. The women are often given over to Nazi soldiers. We have in our possession medical reports of many cases of this sort.

"There are three methods by which people of other nations can help to change the German situation. The first is the boycott, but to be effective, such a program must be international in scope, and I feel that it is now more of an emotional reaction than a scientific means to an end. The second method is constant declaration of public opinion against Nazi atrocities. This pressure upon the Hitler government is very effective, and I urge all liberals and humanists to employ every means possible to let the German Consuls throughout the country know that the American people do not sympathize with the brutal policy of their government. The third way to combat Nazism is through aid to the victims and propaganda among the Germans themselves to teach them what is really going on behind the scenes in their country. It was for this purpose that my committee was set up."