The Student Vagabond

Through Cambridge

"And this is the Square. Cheerful spot, isn't it?"

"Doesn't look anything like Morning side Heights, uncle Harry. Gee in Columbia there's always shouting and throwing of bricks. The students there seem to have some fun."

"But you're surely coming to Harvard. The opulence of knowledge. . ."

"What do you do here?"

"I'm, well mmm, well officially called a tutor. Now look down that street. Those magnificent buildings are houses."

"Yes. What does a tutor do?"

"Tutors are chosen for their ability to transmit learning, to stimulate students to thirst for knowledge. . ."

"Mother would say you're like a salesman. She says that to anyone who doesn't breathe while he talks. There must be a movie house somewhere."

"Your father asked me to show you Harvard. You are coming here in two years, and I am not going to waste my time on you if you are impudent."

"I'm sorry, but. . ."

"This is a house. Lowell's great mind conceived them. A cross section, that's the thing. No cliques. A homey spirit without any backslapping. That and knowledge are what Harvard stand for. You should be mighty proud that you will have the opp. . ."

"What else do you do beside being a tutor."

"I'm studying for a Ph.D. My thesis on the number of commas in Cicer. . ."

"You're kidding. Funny that no one seems to talk with one another in this house. In school we all. . ."

"Take off your hat. Try to ask fewer stupid questions while we have lunch."


9 O'Clock

"France and England in the XVIII Contury," Mr. Perkins, New Lecture Hall.