Glee Club Gives Concert at St. Paul's School Tonight

Also Plans Concert with Smith and Long Spring Trip

Starting their winter season, the glee club will journey to St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire, tonight to give a program of mixed songs. G. Wallace Woodworth '24, instructor in Music and conductor of the Glee Club, and Edward B. Lee, Jr. '34, president of the Glee Club, also announce an extensive list of singing engagements during the winter and spring which will be ended by a trip to New York, Washington, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

The program at St. Paul's will include "When His Loud Voice in Thunder Spoke," by Handel, the "Misereri," by Allegri, "The Peddlers," a Russian Folk Song, "Crudele Irene," an Italian song, and several other selections, including the "Gondoliers," by Gilbert and Sullivan.

A trip has been scheduled to Smith College, Northampton, on March 10, where the Glee Club will sing with the Smith Choral Society.