19th Century French Work Exhibit at Fogg Museum

Collection Is Largest Ever Shown in This Part of World

"French Drawings and Prints of the Nineteenth Century" is the subject of a new loan exhibition at the Fogg Art Museum. This exhibit will be open to the public until Saturday, April 28. It is the third of a series which will show the history and development of the Graphic Arts in France.

It is believed that this collection is one of the largest ever to be displayed in this part of the world. Among those artists represented are Seurat, Cezanne, Daumier, Van Gogh, and Aingres. Included in the list of those who have loaned drawings and prints for this exhibition are Mr. McIlhenny, Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Mr. W. G. Russell Allen '03.

The fourth exhibit of this series will contain French drawings and prints of the twentieth century. It will be on display after Wednesday, May 2.