Metropolitan--"George White's Scandals". Undoubtedly the best singing and dancing show that has come out of Hollywood in many a moon. Worth seeing for Jimmy Durante alone.

University--"Moulin Rouge". Constance Bennett seducing her own husband is neither very attractive nor very amusing. "Massacre." And another red-skin bit the dust.

Fine Arts--"Wiener Blut". Tuneful and pleasant German film dealing with Johann Strauss; numerous waltzes and adroit photography successfully recreate the Vionna of Francis Joseph.

Paramount and Fenway--"Journal of a Crime". Ruth Chatterton has a better role than has been her lot for some time past but apparently Ruth is on the skids; otherwise a moderate picture. "The Last Round-up". Do you still like Zane Gray?

R. K. O. Keith's--"David Harum". Will Rogers is perfectly cast in a picture that often verges on the saccharine but never quite reaches that stage. Not remarkable, but decidedly above the ordinary.

Keith's Boston--"Sing and Like it." A movie that pretends to be nothing but amusing and succeeds admirably with the aid of Ned Sparks, Zasu Pitts, and Edward Everett Horton.

Loew's State--"Queen Christina". Greta Garbo shows herself still capable of giving a sensitive interpretation of a difficult part with the aid of Mammoulian. Well worth seeing.

Loew's Orpheum--"The Mystery of Mr. X." Robert Montgomery carries off the part of gentleman crook with his customary aplomb and ability to provide a diverting evening.