"Sterilization A Series Threat"


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To The Editor of The CRIMSON:

Mr. Miller's ironic letter in Thursday's CRIMSON succeeded so well in satirizing the usual ROTC-CRIMSON attitude toward the National Student League that we have little to add on that point. But as a matter of interest, many of your readers will no doubt be surprised to know that the use of sterilization as a weapon against political dissenters is a serious threat, if not an actual fact, at present in Germany. For this reason we believe Mr. Miller's letter, though an excellent job, wad ill-advised in choosing sterilization as the reductie ad absurdum of reactionary terrorism. Truth is stranger than fletion, isn't it, Mr. Miller Of course, Mr. Miller is aware that adveeating sterilization of political prisoners is simply an indication of the sense of impotence of its advocates.

The author of the editorial "Off The Track," also with the interests of the NSL at heart, has made two suggestions for its improvement" (1) that it hold regular meetings to discuss problems and tactics; (2) that it cease such "publicity seeking" exploits and Philbrick's. As one who has followed the activities of the NSI, since its foundation with a good deal of interest, let me say that (1) the NSI, has hold small membership meetings every week for the purpose of studying current problems. These meetings were characterized throughout by sincerity and seriousness. (2) The Editor of The CRIMSON should know that only after four hours of grilling did Philbrick give his name and college to the police, and that he consistently refused to say anything to the reporters of both city and college papers. Is this publicity seeking?

The NSL has held but one open air meeting this year. This was changed from and quiet and orderly gathering to a disgraceful riot by the efforts of candidates and members of the Harvard CRIMSON itself.

In its own way, the editorial is not without humor. If it is intentional, my respects to its anonymous author. Herbert E. Robbins '35.