1934 Senior Albums, now at the bindery, will be available for the first time at Phillips Brooks House this Friday from 10 until 12 o'clock, and from 2 until 4 o'clock, it was announced yesterday by the Committee.

More Pictures

The new album is in composition substantially the same as last year's volume, although there will be life histories and pictures of 820 seniors as opposed to only 750 last year. In addition, the section devoted to photographs of some 500 professors has been renovated, and about 20 now full-page and halfpage pictures of University scenes are to be added, several of them by Rittase. The rest of the volume will be composed, as usual, of articles and photographs covering all sports and other activities in which the members of the senior class have engaged.

Sales Ahead of 1933

Costs of producing the 1934 Album will total in the neighborhood of $4000, a figure several hundred dollars higher than last year's. However, the Committee stated last night that the sales of the book are well ahead of those of the 1933 album at the same date, and that it is hoped that the edition may break even before June 15. The 1933 Senior Album, of which Bradford K. Bachrach was chairman, had cleared expenses through delayed summer sales by last December. It was the first to break even for many years. The edition is limited to 550 copies.

The 1934 volume is being put out by the Andover Press, as is also the 1937 Freshman Red Book, but is printed on a better grade of paper than the latter. It is dedicated to President Conant.