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They call professionals "pachyderms," but they don't even mention the collegians. College wrestling is definitely not a spectator sport and yet it is one of the greatest participants' sports that is sponsored by the Athletic Association.

As witness to this, and also to its increasing popularity, it might be well to note that there are, this year, more men working out daily under Coaches Cliff Gallagher and Pat Johnson than ever before in the history of the sport at Harvard. Everybody can wrestle, you need no implements, weapons or paraphernalia, and college wrestling is not the free-for-all that the pro division of the sport has become.

But in spite of the abnormal turnout at the wrestling room in the New Athletic Building, the coaches and managers are not too optimistic about the team's chances in intercollegiate competition. It isn't often that a wrestling coach has the pleasure of combining such combatants as Dick Ames, Grid Barrows, Dick Emory and Speedy Frankel on one team but such was the case last year. This year, Emory alone of that famous quartet is available for action on the mat.

'Tis true that the grapplers showed some possibilities against Brown on Saturday night, but it is admitted that they will have to show much more promise if they are to keep their season's record unblemished. One of the brightest stars in the Crimson sky is another member of the Ames family. Continuing the record of no defeats in dual competition which was established by Dick Ames, his brother Harry won a well-deserved fall in the Freshman 145-pound class. Strong and powerful, the younger Ames is expected to follow in the footsteps of his big brother.

The two coaches, Gallagher and Johnson have a little story all their own. Gallagher, an all round athlete in his undergraduate days, several times All-South-western grid star and record-breaker on the cinders, comes from a coaching family which includes Eddie Gallagher, present wrestling coach at Oklahoma State, which is considered the ne plus ultra in the matter of wrestling.

Pat Johnson is one of the fastest wrestlers developed at Harvard and the fur flies thick and fast when he and Gallagher start to mix it up. Gallagher uses the demonstration method in teaching the tricks of the trade and goes to it with Johnson when he wants to show the boys how it is done. Although the Harvard team cannot compare with Oklahoma, nevertheless, Cliff still maintains that he can uphold the honor of the East and pin his brother to the mat at any appointed time. There is a good natured family match in the offing and Gallagher has waived the matter of a referee since he believes that no human eye could follow his motions.

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