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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Dean Hanford's statement concerning financial aid to Cambridge students has anticipated the "Answer Requested" in the letter appearing in the CRIMSON of Jan. 11. The following is quoted from the Dean's statement:

"For the present year, every Freshman who needed financial help and who applied for so-called Cambridge Aid has been awarded assistance from the Buckley Fund either in the form of a scholarship if his record was high enough to warrant it or otherwise as an aid."

University Hall has spoken. The source of all Freshman scholarships or aids for graduates of Cambridge public schools is admittedly the Buckley Fund. What the Dean refers to as "so-called Cambridge Aid" has proved a fiction.

Your editorial of Thursday was premised on the assumption that Cambridge Aid is additional to the Buckley Fund, whereas apparently the Buckley Fund completely "overlaps" the "Cambridge Aid" and thus the surplus which would seem to exist on an investigation of the Catalogue does not actually exist. The University, if the statement is taken literally, contributes nothing to graduates of Cambridge Public schools, exclusive of that provided by the Buckley Legacy.

And now may all the recipients, past and present, of this mythical "Cambridge Aid" know that their sole benefactor was not the University, as commonly believed, but Daniel A. Buckley. Carl T. Peterson '35,   Manes Specter '36,   Edward A. Crane '35,   T. J. Walsh '36.

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