Will Have First Chance to Elect New Field of Public Administration--11 Students From Massachusetts

Sixty-two students who registered on Monday for the Extra Session of the Graduate School of Business Administration, will have the first opportunity to elect the recently announced program in the business aspects of Public Administration.

The session will continue until August 14 and students completing the work satisfactorily will be eligible to enter the regular second-year course beginning in September.

Nathan Isaacs, professor of Business Law, will offer the first course in the new program. It is entitled "Introduction to Public Aspects of Business" and will begin in May. Men completing this course may then choose Public Administration as their field of concentration in the second year.

Twenty-seven states, the District of Columbia and three fore gin countries are represented in this third Extra Session. Massachusetts leads with 11 students, New York and California are represented by eight students each, and both Ohio and Georgia have five representatives.

The distribution by college in equally wide. Forty-four institutions are represented and there are no more than three men from any one college. Harvard, the University of California, Brown, and Cornell have three graduates apicco registered in this session. The total number registered for this session is approximately the same as in 1933 and 1934.