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By R. W. Paul

Injuries again forced Dick Harlow to change his Holy Cross game lineup when Doc Thorndike announced yesterday that Bob Jones, No. 1 Varsity center, will not be able to play against the Crusaders on Saturday.

Jones damaged his shoulder in Tuesday's scrimmage, but until yesterday the injury was not believed to be serious. When it failed to respond to treatment as well as expected, the medical staff turned thumbs down on the chunky center's chances of meeting the burly Crusaders this weekend.

Greeley in Center

To take his place Harlow has promoted Sew Greeley from "B" team up to the starting eleven. Greeley saw service in the Springfield game and is known to be an especially steady passer.

With this one innovation the starting lineup seems to be fairly definitely stabilized, despite the warnings that Dick Harlow reserves the right to shift any one or every one right up to the time the whistle blows.

George Hedblom seems certain to start as quarter once more, while Johnny Adzigian is slated to take Moseley's place at left half. George Ford will do the same for Lane at right half, and George Blackwood is favored to fill Don Jackson's shoes.

Guards Strong

The ends are almost certain to be Dubiel and kelly. Probably the tackles will be Glendinning and Maser, the guards Kessler sand Gaffney. This pair of guards, incidentally, has been looking very well in practice all week and continued the good work yesterday. They form a strong combination.

Punting Stressed

Punting and punt protection, passing and pass protection were once more stressed as Harlow continued his drive to eliminate one of the major weaknesses revealed in the Springfield opener.

To make the practice more realistic the punting was done "under pressure," in the hope that the kickers would get used to being annoyed while at their task. In general the practice was an improvement over Tuesday.

Morale Good

The cheering thing about this week's practice has been the way in which the Varsity has refused to let its morale be weakened by the string of injuries that it has faced since the game a week ago.

In that game Jackson, Lane, Moseley, and Kelly, all vital to the team, were sent off the field in succession. The first two have remained on the sidelines. Kelly has worked with the team this week and will start. Moseley is more than questionable as a starter.

More Injuries

Add to that the fact that Bilodeau and Watt were on the hospital list before the Springfield affair and have remained so ever since. Now add the loss of Jones and it becomes obvious why Dick Harlow's scant hair is graying rapidly. Yet, despite his own worry, Harlow seems to have kept the team on its toes in every workout. That in itself is a feat and is quite a testimonial to his ability as a coach.

The "A" team lineup and probable starting eleven was yesterday:

Dubiel, l.e.; Glendinning, l.t.; Gaffney, l.g.; Greely, c.; Kessley, r.g.; Maser, r.t.; Kelly, r.e.; Hedblom, q.b.; Adzigian, l.h.b.; Ford, r.h.b.; Blackwood, f.b

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