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No more tags will dangle from door handles of cars parked in the roadway in front of Eliot and Kirkland Houses according to a ruling handed down last night by Aldrich Durant '02, Business Manager. From now on members of the two houses may park at will between the hours of 8 A. M. and 8 P. M. without calling down the censure of the Aptedmen.

This action comes as the result of agitation on the part of house members because of the wealth of tickets which they collected daily for leaving their cars in the enclosure which up till this year was free for parking. A petition was circulated, 100 men signed up, and days later a decision was finally handed down from the bureaucracy of Lehman Hall. The statement issued by Durant reads:

"In view of representations which have been made by certain residents of Eliot and Kirkland House, and after consulting with the House Masters the regulations governing the parking of cars on the roadway in front of Kirkland House are modified as hereinafter stated.

"Cars belonging to or operated by members of the University and their guests may be parked within the spaces indicated by white lines on the pavement between the hours of 8:00 A. M. and 8:00 P. M. As only about seventeen cars can be parked simultaneously with out blocking the traffic it is expected that car owners will use this space for short time parking only and not attempt to monopolize it for all day storage of their cars. No chauffeur driven cars may park here.

"Parking of cars outside of the designated areas or failure to remove same before 8:00 o'clock at night will subject the owner or operator, if a member of the University, to such disciplinary action as may be proper and to the fine provided for parking on University Grounds contrary to regulations, and if the owner or operator is not a member of the University, to action for trespass.

"Special rulings may be made from time to time to cover such occasions as House entertainments. Football days, etc.

"This modification of the rules is experimental and should it be found detrimental to the interests of the majority of the House Residents or to cause serious congestion in the roadway may be changed or withdrawn at any time."  Signed Aldrich Durant  Business Manager

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