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Appeals for House football players have been answered with considerable enthusiasm during the last week as each House, except Leverett, has placed a full team on the field.

Winthrop, potential champion and winner for the last three years, has the largest squad with over 22 men out. Coached by Robert S. Brookings '35, last year's stalwart on the Varsity, Winthrop is expected to nose out Kirkland, its nearest rival.

Although Kirkland has few substitutes, its first team is considered strong enough to beat all other contenders to the tape, except Winthrop which will probably set the pace. Bernard D. White '32, stellar fullback on the 1931 Harvard Varsity, is coaching the Kirkland athletes.

Eliot House has shown a reversal of last year's from when it was found impossible to find eleven men willing to play football. This season there are more than eighteen men practicing daily on Soldiers Field. The squad outweighs the others and is the dark horse of the league. It is coached by C. D. Hulsare, letterman on the Dartmouth team of 1933.

Lowell and Adams have finally shown enough interest to get together eleven men apiece, but they are not expected to make strong bids for the title. Dudley has failed as yet to have eleven men on the field, but more than that number have signed up, and the full quota may get together before the first game on Monday.

The schedule follows:

Oct. 14--Dudley vs. Adams; Lowell vs. Leverett.

Oct. 15--Winthrop vs. Dunster; Kirkland vs. Eliot.

Oct. 16--Adams vs. Lowell.

Oct. 17--Eliot vs. Dudley; Leverett vs. Winthrop.

Oct. 18--Dunster vs. Kirkland.

Oct. 21--Winthrop vs. Adams; Dudley vs. Lowell.

Oct. 22--Kirkland vs. Leverett; Dunster vs. Eliot.

Oct. 23--Dudley vs. Winthrop.

Oct. 24--Lowell vs. Eliot; Adams vs. Kirkland.

Oct. 25--Leverett vs. Dunster.

Oct. 28--Dunster vs. Adams; Kirkland vs. Dudley.

Oct. 29--Lowell vs. Winthrop; Eliot vs. Leverett.

Oct. 31--Adams vs. Leverett; Kirkland vs. Lowell.

Nov. 1--Winthrop vs. Eliot; Dunster vs. Milton Academy (at Milton).

Nov. 4--Leverett vs. Dudley.

Nov. 5--Eliot vs. Adams.

Nov. 6--Dudley vs. Dunster.

Nov. 7--Winthrop vs. Kirkland.

Nov. 8--Dunster vs. Lowell.

Nov. 16--Yale at New Haven

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