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Threatening the very foundation of the American system of university education, one G. H. Smith, Master of Arts, from New York City, is flooding the mails with advertisements. Working under the trademark "Every Man To-Day Has A Ghost", this Smith begins by stating that for a number of years he has been writing book reports, term papers, theses, all kinds of written work for prominent students in eastern colleges. "A well written essay or series of book reports handed in during the early part of the semester smooths the way for the entire year's work." "All 1 need to know is the name of the course, the special subject of the theme, the grade desired, and a tentative reading list if you have one. I send the study to you typewritten, complete, carefully footnoted, ready to submit to the professor, and a carbon copy for your own use." "Steady customers are always given the preference."

This person advertises himself as an authority on English and American History, Europe since 1914, International Relations, Economics, Finance, Psychology, Anthropology, Archeology, Geography, Journalism, Classical Civics, History of Art, History of Music, sociology, American Society, Biology, Education (a specialty), American Society, English French, and German Literature, ancient History, Government, Philosophy, Religion, English Constitutional History and any subject throughout the entire sweep of English Literature, novels, plays essays, etcetera." It is hardly possible that this most credite creature in view of all else he has mastered, should be a stranger to the intricate ramifications of the highly specialized art of blackmail.

It is a well knows fact that this practice exists at Harvard on a smaller scale. Competition for the trade is a threat to the dignity and worth of the Harvard degree, an insult to the faculty for not knowing their students well enough to obviate the possibility of such thing, and an indication that students in American colleges today are not only willing to degrade themselves morally but are also willing to confess their unfitness for a college education.

It is unfortunate that a man with Smith's unbelievable mentality should be wasting his time on mere college students. There are bigger places in this country for men like Smith. It now transpires that the President has been wasting his time. Brain trusts are unwieldy things at best, and still have not the wisdom of one G. H. Smith, "Hoping you will find this original service of mine of some real aid to you, I am, Very sincerely yours, G. H. Smith." "And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all h knew."

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