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Negligible Surplus, in Spite Occasional Vague Rumors To Contrary


Prickings of curiosity last week led to another "CRIMSON Survey"--this time with the purpose of finding out what becomes of the $750,000 room rent collected each year from occupants of the Houses and College dormitories.

First delving revealed that there was only $6,000 surplus for 1033-34, which was taken as a typical year. This fat would seem to explodo the rumor which in heard now and then to the effect that the University rooms huge profits on room rents.

Maintenance expenses consume annually a little more than 21 cents of every dollar paid in rent by students. According to Al droll Durant '02, Businoon Manager, this fixation in spent entirely over a period of a few years and not allowed to accumulate into a large surplus.

As might be expected another twenty cents of that dollar goes to undertaking costs, while two-hundred the of a cent for alteration rooms to be all that is spent in keeping abreast of the times. Half a cent removes all the rabbis, ten times that amount being mood to defray the expenses of House Administration.

Almost 17 cents to given the University on internet on the money if advanced for the construction of the Houses; whereas two and eight-tension cents furnish the buildings.

In the year 1933-34, $50,000 of the total revenue from rents was paid to the college for general expenses. Figured on the other side this sum reprsents six cents from every dollar the student pays for do-room. The amount of this contribution to not fixed end to come years it has dwindled to nothing depending upon financial conditions.

Whether or not come top-floor residents in the Yard will agree, heating cents occupy a prominent position in the expense budget, 12.7 cents being required to cover this item. To the House Libraries is given two cents, while hardly more that a tenth of a cost do-frays the cost of tutoxo room.

Thin division of the room rent dollar was commuted by determining what you centage of the total receipts from YORD was spent for each item. This you centage equals the number of connection spend from each dollar a students pays. Although subject to obvious inaccuracies, the division of the dollar on this basic in a fairly reliable indicator an to where the money goes.

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