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In a university the size of Harvard it is only inevitable that many should be lost in the shuffle; not only in the undergraduate groups but also among the tutors, assistants and older men specializing along certain lines. These men have their day taken up with their respective studies, as do the students, but there seems to be a lack of opportunity for getting together along certain lines of interest not necessarily connected with these special fields.

There are courses in History, English, French, Government in fact there are courses in practically everything that no one ever discusses outside of class. But supposing that there are twenty sophomores with a burning desire to discuss the latest methods in bee culture, or needle work or Japanese history. Supposing also (this is unlikely but simply for argument's sake) that there is a Philosophy section man who is also interested in bee-propagation. How are the twenty sophomores going to learn that their secret you is also the burning but dark passion of the section man? Unless one recognizes in the other that futile look peculiar to those with unusual hobbies nothing more is going to be done to further these legitimate interests.

To correct this unfortunate situation a number of diverse topics might be printed each day and those interested could write in. If a sufficient number evinced interest a search might be made for someone equally engrossed, thus bringing together intellects in a common bond. Something great might conceivably grow out of such wedlock.

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