Lining Them Up

Looking for 60-minute Men

Some weeks back the more informed of the Boston sports reporters began to talk about Dick Harlow's search for a "60-minute team"--a group of eleven men who would be able to go from starting whistle to closing without relief. Now, as he prepares the Varsity for its first away game, Harlow seems on the verge of achieving such a unit.

Eight of the men he has picked to face the Cadets were in the starting lineup a week ago, and all of them went the greater part of the distance against the heavy, driving Crusaders. Men like Charlie Kessler, Jim Maser, Captain Shaun Kelly, Emile Dubiel, little George Hedblom, and the indestructible Johnny Adzigian all proved that they have the stuff to last out almost any opposition.

The Rocks of Gibraltar

It is around those Rocks of Gibraltar that Harlow is building his desired "60-minute team." Probably most of the men who have been chosen for the Army game will remain in the "A" lineup for the greater part of the season, barring injuries and barring one other eventuality. This one other eventuality is the possible lack of an offense.


At the present time the "A" team has proved that it has fine defensive possibilities, and the addition of the heavy and experienced Mike Adlis to the line should help considerably to make the Varsity invulnerable to attack.

But obviously there will have to be an offensive punch added to the Varsity's powers if it is to win any games this year. Therein lies the great question which the West Point game will settle; has Harlow been able to graft a potent attack onto an admittedly good defensive team?

Struck Moves Up to "A"

In all probability Vernon Struck owes his promotion to just this need. George Blackwood did a very satisfactory job as full back against Holy Cross, but he is a little slow for offensive purposes. Struck is far less experienced than Blackwood and doesn't "know" as much football as does the capable Blackie, but his greater speed and his possible ability in forward passes, as a receiver, has given him the jump for this game at least. It remains to be seen whether or not he will provide the necessary added punch.

The other two changes in the "A" lineup are less a matter of debate. Bon Jones is returning to his place at center after an enforced absence during which Greeley took over his job. Judging by the way Greeley played against the Crusaders there is not much to choose between the two. Either is capable of filling the pivot post creditably.

Adlis Returns to the Job

Mike Adlis's rise to a berth at left tackle is more interesting. Adlis has started slowly this year and hasn't until now justified his status as a former Yale game starter. The position he is filling has been Harlow's guest line worry since the Springfield game. There have been several good men competing for the job, but none of them have quite met Harlow's exacting requirements for a 60-minute lineman.

Adlis, with his 214 pounds and his experience on last year's Varsity and the previous year's Freshman outfit, is the logical man to till this gap. If he doesn't satisfy, the job will probably be turned over to another former Yale game sisvter, six-feet-two Will Burton, who now ranks as the "B" left tackle.