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Since Mr. Hoover made his last trip to New York ten days ago, sources close to the former President have started to predict that his hat is in the presidential ring. Needless to say, Mr. Hoover's reappearance as a candidate would doom the Republican Party to another four years of oblivion. And rightly so.

If Mr. Hoover thinks he is Grover Cleveland, he has never read the story of that administration. Mr. Cleveland went down fighting for sound, progressive principles; the temper of the country, not his record, was responsible for his defeat. Mr. Hoover, on the other hand, failed to take sufficiently constructive action to halt the depression; the temper of the country and his record combined to beat him.

The country is aware of this fundamental difference. Although it finds many faults in Mr. Roosevelt, it would never stomach another term of Herbert Hoover.

Citizen Hoover has a job to perform. He must aid his party in formulating a constructive platform and selecting a progressive candidate. Divorced from the candidacy, his wisdom and his experience will be of telling influence with his fellow-citizens. Candidate Hoover would necessarily disregard these duties and would become the G. O. P's Benedict Arnold.

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