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Interwoven, Ear-Teasing Medleys Arranged by Anderson for Stadium Throngs


When the band marches onto the Stadium greensward this afternoon, its performances both alphabetical and tintinnabulous will have been made possible chiefly by the endeavors of four men, a drum major, a musician, a tactician, and a student manager.

One member of the quartet of band leaders is Guy Vernor Slade '32 who designs the maneuvers that the band races through between halves. His record achievement was attained last Saturday at the West Point game when the band marched through a series of word designs totaling 51 letters.

Standing high in the tower in the Freshman practice field, Slade supervises and thinks out on the spot the manipuations of the band on the field below him. A three hour practice is usually more than sufficient to fit the band for the Saturday performance.

The man who handles the baton so cleverly and who causes that terrible moment of suspense when he gives his wrist that twist which causes the silvery baton to rise in a high are over the goalpost is W. Benjamin Tabler '36. Although a senior, Tabler will be back next year as a graduate student to continue his work of thrilling the stands.

Tabler, who has been with the band for four years how, has had his position threatened every year by some hopeful Freshman, but each time he has outtwirled competitors.

The interweaving of songs into earteasing medleys is directed by F. Leroy Anderson '28. The stadium throngs are not the only ones who have heard Anderson's work, however, for his medleys have also flashed through the radio channels from the instruments of Ruby Newman's Orchestra. Many of Newman's orchestrations represent the work of Anderson, whose services the band may lose before another season rolls around. He may be leaving any time now for New York for further work on orchestrations.

Fourth in the quartet of band directors is Ray C. Collins '36, student manager, who fills in whatever gaps are left by the specialized tasks of the other three. Chief among Collins' duties is the direction of the band at all times except in the Fall games -- hockey games, track meets, and last year at Class Day exercises.

Last but not least is the band itself.

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