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Like all platforms, purposes, political speeches, and prospectuses, the statement of the general objectives of the new Cambridge Union of University Teachers leaves the reader filled with enthusiasm. The natural reaction is to dash right out and vote for somebody, or buy something.

The Union upholds and "wishes to see preserved" wide latitude to administrative officials in the appointment and advancement of teachers.

The new Union will only exert its power when issues arise which are "clearly those of academic freedom or discrimination against individuals on the grounds of race, or of social, religious, economic, political opinions and activities."

That power will not be exerted by strikes, but only through "good-will" and "fair investigation" and "appropriate proposals."

In other words the Union is merely to increase goodness and fairness and freedom, and to diminish evil and injustices and "reaction." Any man who does not support this ideal sort of organization is obviously a naughty, unsocial, unprincipled, Reactionnary.

That's all very well and fine and beautiful. But is it not time for a little clarification on future action? Particularly, this question of "discrimination on the grounds of social, religious, economic, and political activities" is bothersome.

President Walsh, what about a little statement?

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