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The Vagabond


The Vagabond retired to the peace of his Sanctum late last evening with mixed feelings: Haile Selassic prays in the mountains.... Italian forces invade Ethiopia.... There's an Oriental sky over the Charles tonight.... London assures Paris; Paris assures London.... Soviet plans to build bath tubs and bakeries for Eskimos.... Roosevelt warns war a potent peril.... Farley designs a new stamp.... Bulgaria foils conspiracy to overthrow King Boris.... Japanese impatient with Nanking.... Women rebel against food prices.... Skirts to be longer this fall.... Stocks fall sharply.... Largest peacetime treasury deficit.... Wheat prices up....

The Vagabond--being the sensitive soul that he is--has sickened of depressions.... nations in distress.... political speeches.... Italian forces (and barbers)--English diplomacy.... and even Haile Selassie's umbrella. His frail mind cannot encompass the full significance of one event before another is cried aloud in the market place. Today, therefore, he resorts to that old escape--one frowned upon by maladjusted psychologists--to barken to those gentle soul who "tell tales of little meaning, though the words are strong." As the world is thrusting itself forward to a dismal future the Vagabond is thrusting himself back upon an epic past. He will listen to Professor Rollins discuss the early epics in Server 11 at 10 this morning.

The Vagabond has the pleasure also to suggest the following lectures:

At 9 o'clock

Professor Sprague, "The Elizabethan Stage", Harvard 6.

At 11 o'clock

Professor Balck, "Friction and Efficiency", Jeff. Phys. Lab. 250.

Professor Baxter, "American Diplomacy, 1783-87", Harvard 1.

Professor Warner, "Oriental Art," Van Renselaer Room, Fogg Mus.

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