Boylston Chemical Club Inaugurates Fiftieth Year With Change of Policy

Prominent Scientists Will Speak at Meetings During Golden Anniversary Year

Not to be outdone by the famous Roman S.P.Q.R., the Boylston Chemical Club has adopted for its new motto "S.M.D.R.," which does not mean Sulfur, Molybdenum, Dsprosium, and Radium, but rather "Speakers, Movies, Discussion, and Refreshments." This policy is in honor of the fiftieth year of the club, which was founded by T. W. Richards in 1885. It was successfully tested at the first meeting (September 30, 1935) which was attended by approximately one hundred and fifty men interested in chemistry. The movie "Story of Steel" opened the meeting, and was followed by a talk by Professor Grbunnell Jones about the lactic acid industry entitled "Murder by Proxy," Refreshments were afterwards served. This procedure will be followed in the future, when further talks in the club's Golden Anniversary Lecture Series will be given prominent men in chemical fields.

For the club's second meeting, the services of Professor N. A. Milas of M.I.T. have been secured. Professor Milas will speak on "Auto-oxidation and Organic Peroxides," and will give a rather spectacular demonstration of Leminescence. The movie "A Trip Through Filmland" will be shown. At the December meeting, Professor Louis Fieser of Harvard will present a lecture with demonstrations on his recent cancer investigations. Additional movies being considered are "Extraction of Bremine from Sea Water," 'Electrical Refrigeration." and "The Mining of Sulfur."

Membership in the Boylston Chemical Club is open to all interested in chemistry, and the dues for the present year have been reduced to $1.50. To all men joining this year, the club is offering a special shingle printed in gold. It is urged that all interested join at once as all meetings after the next will be for members only.

The club efforts its members an opportunity for personal contact with prominent men in various fields of industry and research, whom it procures as speakers. All members of the Boylston Chemical Club upon graduation automatically become members of the Society of Harvard Chemists, a very influential group in the chemical world.