Police Will Query Ryan About Dunster House Assault Shortly

Report Yard Cop Has Modified Testimony on Which Arrest Is Based.

Bennett Y. Ryan '37, another witness in the Dunster House assault case, will be questioned by the police within the next few days, Captain John J. Canney announced last night.

While considerable doubt shrouds Ryan's connection with the affair, it is understood that he attended the cocktail party before the assault and is reported to have been on the scene at the time of the attack.

At Parker House

He and his father are reported to be at the Parker House in Boston. while his emissary, either Colonel Charles R. Apted '06, or Arthur J. Santry '12, have announced his willingness to appear for questioning, police doubt if they will see him before Monday.

Eugene H. George '39 appeared in East Cambridge Court yesterday before Judge Robert Walcott, but the case was continued until Thursday, November 14. Police, therefore, feel less need of hurrying their investigation. Commencing today, they will work on it only during their regular hours.

Canney's Statement

Canney's statement reads as follows:

"I am interested in talking to Ryan but not for several days. We must not lose sight of the fact that this is merely a simple assault and under ordinary conditions would not be handled by the inspectors. We're going about the investigation slowly and thoroughly. There is no need for any hurried questioning of witnesses."

Meanwhile, George made every effort to clear himself of his share in the matter. His story runs as follows.

Intoxicated Guest

One guest at the cocktail party became so intoxicated that he was asked to leave. George followed him to see he reached his own room safely. When he reached the foot of the stairs, the offending guest took a punch at him and ran out into the Yard.

Royall Victor '37, who had joined George with two other persons, looked into the courtyard and saw a fight in progress. As soon as they saw that the same guest was fighting with two men, they interfered as peace-makers.

The attackers then ran away. At this point Thomas H. Quian '36, president of the Student Counell, arrived on the scene and was able to testify that George was not the assailant. In concluding his story, George maintains that he had nothing to do with the assault or with the attack on William Lawrence, the Yard cop.

Lawrence Identifies George

Since Lawrence had identified George as the culprit, he spent an hour an a half yesterday with Canney and Lieutenant Inspector Joseph Shannon. After the conference the officers said that his evidence was still sufficient to hold George.

It is understood, however, that he modified his statement to a certain extent. He maintains that he saw George bending over Frank Foster, not attacking him.

Harold J. Wolff, head of Wolff's tutoring school, who is a close friend of George, was told by Canney, according to the evening papers "to cease his attempts at hampering the police investigation." He said later in the evening