Large Turnout Sees Fundamentals at Drill -- Plenty of Lightweights but Pachyderms Needed

With the largest opening turnout in recent years the Freshman wrestling squad got under way in the first formal practice of the season yesterday.

The lightweight squad will be particularly strong, but relatively few men have reported for the heavier weights. Football men will return later to bolster these classes and all others interested in wrestling are urged to report as soon as possible.

Coach Gallagher stressed fundamentals in his initial talk to the candidates, and urged everyone to keep in condition at all times. Demonstrations of various holds occupied the latter part of the session, the grapplers then being given a chance to put these teachings into practice.

Among the men reporting were: L. Booth, H. L. Blackwell, Jr., J. Carchis, G. M. Davis, S. H. Dorfman, W. H. Fain, Jr., R. T. Fels, G. A. Grant, A. C. H. Lewis, E. L. Metaxas, F. Morse, E. W. Mueller, R. B. Murphy, A. Pendleton, R. J. Philips, R. J. Phippen, J. L. Poole, J. W. Roosevelt, H. M. Rose, W. H. Sleeper, D. B. Stowe, and F. S. White.